Of all my famous chili;s recipes, this one is the most sought-after! it;s the el presidente margarita, and if you;re chili’s el presidente margarita recipe.
Chili Presidente Blackberry Margarita Recipe
The recipe for a berry margarita calls for tequila, triple sec, sour margarita mix and blackberry brandy. vegetarian black bean & squash chili; josh.

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  How do you make chilis presidente margaritas? 1 1/2 oz sauze conmemorativo tequila 1 oz patron citronge triple sec 1/2 oz presidente brandy 1 oz fresh lime juice.
Margarita presidente like chili;s top shelf margarita. 1 1/4 oz. sauza conmemorativo tequila hands down best margarita recipe on the net. for a less sweet.
Copycat chili;s presidente margarita recipe recipe. cocktails, beverages with tequila, presidente brandy, cointreau liqueur, sour mix, lime juice.
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